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You Say Ta-May-Tow and I’ll say Ta-Mah-Tow

It’s July 30th in Ohio, and here is my tomato patch as it is today. I’ve been picking these since mid-July and many a “Tomato-Lettuce and (In my case) Turkey” sandwiches have been consumed in the household.


Ta-May-Tow (Sweet Million)                           Ta-Mah-Tow (Big Beef)

There are also three or four “Brandy Wines” in the patch, but those are the “Big Ones” and I didn’t want you to think that I am bragging.

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Springtime In Grandma Judy’s Back Yard

Everyday Aconites copy

The Aconites, Snowdrops, and Crocus are up and showing themselves off. The Daffodils are starting to bud and should be in full bloom by next week. However the best news is that I have cleaned the Asparagus beds, and in a couple of weeks I will be publishing some great recipes featuring the spears.

Meanwhile keep taking your Juice Plus+ so you’ll be fit as a fiddle. (I have a recipe for “Fiddle-heads” later this Spring.

Stay Tuned for Coming Recipes,

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Grandma Judy’s Grilled Asparagus

asparagus 3

Hi Folks,

The asparagus bed  is running at full speed right now. I’ve been using it in every recipe I can think of, but the simplest and the all-time favorite of my oldest grandson Logan, is grilled.

Just brush on some olive oil, salt to taste and place on a hot grill. In 3 to 6 minutes you’ll have a great side to go with the rest of your meal.

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