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Peppers in the Straw

Hi Folks,

As I promised a week or so ago, I have moved on to the next part of the “Straw Bale Experiment” and planted bell peppers in the second one.

I didn’t go through the whole “Step-By-Step” that I did with the tomatoes, but it is the same process.

  1. Open a hole in the straw.
  2. Fill it with a good quality potting soil.
  3. Plant the pepper. (When I was planting tomatoes I told you to plant them deep so more roots would develop. Plant peppers at the same depth that they were in the pots.)

An interesting thing is happening that I didn’t anticipate. Apparently there were wheat seeds in the straw that are now sprouting. You can see them coming up throughout the straw. (Those green things.) One of the advantages of planting in straw was that you wouldn’t need to weed.) I’ll let the sprouts get a bit bigger before I pull them out.

Incidentally, here is a picture of the whole bed that the straw is in.

As you can see some of the plants are much farther ahead then the ones in the straw bales. That is because I’ve been known to procrastinate when I start a new project. Don’t worry, in a couple of more weeks you won’t be able to tell the difference between the ones in the garden and the ones in the straw.

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