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You Say Ta-May-Tow and I’ll say Ta-Mah-Tow

It’s July 30th in Ohio, and here is my tomato patch as it is today. I’ve been picking these since mid-July and many a “Tomato-Lettuce and (In my case) Turkey” sandwiches have been consumed in the household.


Ta-May-Tow (Sweet Million)                           Ta-Mah-Tow (Big Beef)

There are also three or four “Brandy Wines” in the patch, but those are the “Big Ones” and I didn’t want you to think that I am bragging.

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Almost Blue

It’s July 8th and the Blueberries are beginning to turn blue. The Robins would be smacking their lips (If they had any.) so I’ve netted the bushes.

Blue Berries 7 8 2016 copy

Over the years I’ve gathered recipes that I would like to share with you Folks. I’m working on a section of my website that will make these recipes available to everyone. It should be ready to publish in a few weeks. If any of you would like to contribute a recipe or two, use the e-mail below to submit your recipe. Send Me Your Recipe . Don’t forget to add who you want to get credit for the recipe and I’ll print it along with the recipe.

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