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The Garden Is Coming Along

Good Morning Folks,

We have a gentle, soaking rain going on right now in Loudonville, Ohio and I’m really happy about it. The Yellow Summer Squash and the Acorn Squash have both broken through the ground and are just now setting their first true leaves. It has been a bit dry for the last couple of weeks so this rain is good.

squash 6 23 16

There will be lots of great meals, and recipes coming off of these little beauties.

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Mid-June in Loudonville, Ohio

Hi Folks,

The last few months have been extremely busy, but not very productive. Hopefully I believe that I am now moving into a time of “Not so Busy–More Productive”. It’s mid-June and I thought that I would show you where my homestead is at the moment.

1Backyard 2016

This is the path leading to my back porch. The “Stella-D’Oro” day-lilies are just beginning to bloom, and the goldfish definitely survived the winter. They are eating me out of house and home.

1Fish Pond 2016

There are somewhere between 20 and 25 of them in the pond. I suspect that the waterlilies will be blooming within a week or two.

The roses are doing well along the path to the front of the house.

1Garden Path 2016

 and best of all the tomatoes are beginning to set fruit. I tried a couple of “Brandywine” heritage tomatoes to see how they will do and some “Sweet Million” cherry tomatoes right along the path so that the Grand-kids can sample them on the way into the house.

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