Peppers in the Straw

Hi Folks,

As I promised a week or so ago, I have moved on to the next part of the “Straw Bale Experiment” and planted bell peppers in the second one.

I didn’t go through the whole “Step-By-Step” that I did with the tomatoes, but it is the same process.

  1. Open a hole in the straw.
  2. Fill it with a good quality potting soil.
  3. Plant the pepper. (When I was planting tomatoes I told you to plant them deep so more roots would develop. Plant peppers at the same depth that they were in the pots.)

An interesting thing is happening that I didn’t anticipate. Apparently there were wheat seeds in the straw that are now sprouting. You can see them coming up throughout the straw. (Those green things.) One of the advantages of planting in straw was that you wouldn’t need to weed.) I’ll let the sprouts get a bit bigger before I pull them out.

Incidentally, here is a picture of the whole bed that the straw is in.

As you can see some of the plants are much farther ahead then the ones in the straw bales. That is because I’ve been known to procrastinate when I start a new project. Don’t worry, in a couple of more weeks you won’t be able to tell the difference between the ones in the garden and the ones in the straw.

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I’ve Got The First Bale Planted

I planted the first bale of straw this weekend. The bale is still a bit warm, but I don’t think so warm as to affect the tomatoes. Here is the process:

My original thoughts on opening the holes was to use a trowel. That didn’t work so well. (The straw was tightly packed) So the tool of choice turned out to be a pair of pliers, and some muscle.

Then I added a couple of handfuls of a good potting soil into the bottom of each hole for the tomato plant to grow into.

I planted the tomatoes, adding more potting soil around each of them. (Remember to loosen the roots, and plant them deep. New roots will form along the stem of the tomato plant.)

I staked the tomatoes using cages, and – – – – – – –

Now I’ll just sit back and watch them grow!!!

I’ve still got another bale of straw to plant. I think I’ll try some peppers in the next one. I’ll keep you posted on the process.

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I’ve been busy – – – – Really Busy This Spring!!!

It’s been several months since we talked, and I want to apologize to all of you. However, I’m back and I want to let you know what I’ve been doing.

Since we last spoke my oldest granddaughter graduated from high school and I now have a new grandson (number 12). I’ve been studying for a Quality Engineering Certification, and I’ve been helping my husband, Sweet-Ole-Bob, get ready for a couple of weeks hiking on the Appalachian Trail. He has been there and back by now, but you might want to check out the Newsletter that he published about his hike. Check out the April Posts on Walker’s Walks . You might want to Subscribe to his Newsletter while you’re there. He’s wandering around the Mohican State Forest in Ohio now.

There are a whole bunch of things that I’ll tell you about later, but for now I want you to be aware of my new gardening project/experiment. I have been having issues with “Tomato Blight” which is soil borne and causes the tomato leaves to die back from the ground up. This opens the ripening tomatoes to sun scald.

So I bought a couple of bales of straw, conditioned them by soaking them with water, (This will begin the composting process) and after a few days when the composting heat subsides, will plant the tomatoes directly into the straw. The idea is to keep the roots out of the soil and the plants high enough so that the rain doesn’t splash the soil up onto the plants.

I’ll be planting the tomatoes in a week or so.

Stay Tuned for Coming Attractions,

You Say Ta-May-Tow and I’ll say Ta-Mah-Tow

It’s July 30th in Ohio, and here is my tomato patch as it is today. I’ve been picking these since mid-July and many a “Tomato-Lettuce and (In my case) Turkey” sandwiches have been consumed in the household.


Ta-May-Tow (Sweet Million)                           Ta-Mah-Tow (Big Beef)

There are also three or four “Brandy Wines” in the patch, but those are the “Big Ones” and I didn’t want you to think that I am bragging.

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Almost Blue

It’s July 8th and the Blueberries are beginning to turn blue. The Robins would be smacking their lips (If they had any.) so I’ve netted the bushes.

Blue Berries 7 8 2016 copy

Over the years I’ve gathered recipes that I would like to share with you Folks. I’m working on a section of my website that will make these recipes available to everyone. It should be ready to publish in a few weeks. If any of you would like to contribute a recipe or two, use the e-mail below to submit your recipe. Send Me Your Recipe . Don’t forget to add who you want to get credit for the recipe and I’ll print it along with the recipe.

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Ever Thought Of Taking Juice Plus+ And Getting Paid For It???

Juice Plus Franchise Logo copy

Hi Folks,

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I,m looking forward to speaking with you,

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The Garden Is Coming Along

Good Morning Folks,

We have a gentle, soaking rain going on right now in Loudonville, Ohio and I’m really happy about it. The Yellow Summer Squash and the Acorn Squash have both broken through the ground and are just now setting their first true leaves. It has been a bit dry for the last couple of weeks so this rain is good.

squash 6 23 16

There will be lots of great meals, and recipes coming off of these little beauties.

I publish articles about what I am doing and thinking at any given moment on my Website, my Facebook Page: , and most importantly on my Blog: . The reason that I mention this is that, although I try to be organized, I sometimes forget to publish on all of these equally. If you want to be sure that you are aware of when I am publishing, you might want to link into the “Blog” and if you haven’t done so already “Subscribe” in the right-hand column. There is no charge for this, and you will not get tons of “Spam” (I only publish about once a week), but you will receive a notice via your E-mail every time there is a new post.

Once you open the “Blog” you can get to the my website and my Facebook from there. It’s much easier.

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Mid-June in Loudonville, Ohio

Hi Folks,

The last few months have been extremely busy, but not very productive. Hopefully I believe that I am now moving into a time of “Not so Busy–More Productive”. It’s mid-June and I thought that I would show you where my homestead is at the moment.

1Backyard 2016

This is the path leading to my back porch. The “Stella-D’Oro” day-lilies are just beginning to bloom, and the goldfish definitely survived the winter. They are eating me out of house and home.

1Fish Pond 2016

There are somewhere between 20 and 25 of them in the pond. I suspect that the waterlilies will be blooming within a week or two.

The roses are doing well along the path to the front of the house.

1Garden Path 2016

 and best of all the tomatoes are beginning to set fruit. I tried a couple of “Brandywine” heritage tomatoes to see how they will do and some “Sweet Million” cherry tomatoes right along the path so that the Grand-kids can sample them on the way into the house.

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Springtime In Grandma Judy’s Back Yard

Everyday Aconites copy

The Aconites, Snowdrops, and Crocus are up and showing themselves off. The Daffodils are starting to bud and should be in full bloom by next week. However the best news is that I have cleaned the Asparagus beds, and in a couple of weeks I will be publishing some great recipes featuring the spears.

Meanwhile keep taking your Juice Plus+ so you’ll be fit as a fiddle. (I have a recipe for “Fiddle-heads” later this Spring.

Stay Tuned for Coming Recipes,

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Juice Plus+ Gathering at the Stonewall Gallery

Judy Gathering 2 copy
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